Neutron Racer

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Neutron Racer makes it a snap to run your Pinewood Derby races. Just enter the names of your racers and the number of tracks you have and your off. Neutron Racer will schedule the races needed and keep track of scores for you.

In order to make sure your event runs smoothly, Neutron Racer uses the Chaotic-Rotation Method to schedule your races. This method of scheduling allows all racers to race the same number of times and thus keeps your audience more fully engaged during the whole event. This method also is more efficient and allows you to run bigger events faster because no elimination round is needed unless there is a tie in score.

The scoring for each race is based on Mario Kart where the first place racer receives the most points. The racer with the most total points at the end wins.

Neutron Racer is open source. Feel free to contribute and comment at: